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  • Myo Armour ZMA

Myo Armour ZMA


Myo Armour ZMA ( 120 capsules @ $25 )

Zinc Monomethione Aspartate 30mg / Magnesium Aspartate 450mg / Vit B6 10.5mg

Research suggests that mineral depletion, specifically magnesium and zinc, affects 50 – 75% of the population. The depletion is further complicated with intense training and stress. With depletion comes disrupted sleep, reduced recovery from exercise, reduced strength and dysfunctional libido. Men have reported improved energy and many women describe improvement in energy and post menopausal symptoms.

- Improved stamina, strength and recovery from exercise
- Improved quality of sleep
- Optimization of testosterone levels
- Enhanced protein synthesis
- Improved anabolic effects of exercise
- Enhanced libido

3 – 5 capsules prior to bed

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Neek, L., Gaeini, A., Choobineh, S. Effect of Zinc and Selenium Supplementation on Serum Testosterone and Plasma Lactate in Cyclist After an Exhaustive Exercise Bout. Biological Trace Element Research. 9 July 2011. Published Ahead of Print.