• Myo Armour Recovery - L - Glutamine 500g - 90 servings
  • Myo Armour Recovery - L - Glutamine 500g - 90 servings

Myo Armour Recovery - L - Glutamine 500g - 90 servings


Myo Armour Recovery Glutamine Complex 454g - 90 servings

Exercise preferentially sacrifices storage of glutamine. Glutamine, the most abundant amino acid in the human body, has been implicated in reducing muscle soreness / breakdown, promoting a more anabolic environment and improving glycogen reloading ultimately improving recovery form exercise. Glutamine has the ability to drive recovery and break through muscle building plateaus. Stable L - glutamine plays a vital role in protein metabolism improving recovery from stress / injury and driving up human growth hormone. Current research in post- surgical populations suggest that glutamine may play a vital role in recovery following stress and trauma. L glutamine has also been shown as a primary strategy to repair and improve gut health.

Myo Armour Recovery is a pure, stable source of glutamine that will offset fatigue and enhance functional strength, tissue adaptation / muscle mass and recovery from exercise.


  • Improved stamina, strength and recovery form exercise 
  • Optimization of growth hormone levels 
  • Enhanced strength and endurance performance 
  • Improved glycogen recovery 
  • Reduced tissue breakdown
  • Improved gut health



Common Glutamine dosages range from 10-20 g per day post exercise. No clinical studies have determined the precise amount of Glutamine required for muscle metabolism optimization – Poliquin has suggested as much as 100 grams daily for 5 days to drive up tissue mass.


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